Breed Goldfish

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Breed Goldfish

Breed Goldfish

Goldfish are very sensitive types of freshwater pet fish, that’s why they have a market value that is very competitive in the pet shops. Before you breed your goldfish you have to pair them up. A successful breeding only happens when you take good care of your tank. There are many factors that affect your goldfish especially when you are expecting them to pair up and breed.

Careful and loving pet owners not only take good care of their fishes but they also take good care of the fish tank. They condition their fish tank with proper amount of sunlight. Provide them a good combination of freshwater faunas that give the fishes the atmosphere of being in the wild.

This encourages and motivates goldfish to breed because their instincts guide them that the present and future condition of the fish tank has high probability of their off springs to live in a very productive level. They like it especially when the fish tank is big enough for both of the parents and the off springs to roam. But usually most hobbyist builds small fish tanks and would just carefully separate the parents from the hatchlings.

When goldfishes are starting to group by two this indicates that they have paired up for reproduction.  The pair is then separated from the school of fishes then they are then put to a fish tank that has heavy amounts of freshwater faunas like anacharis canadensis. This kind of plant is an indicator of good water elements. When you have this plant it will help you generalize that the fish tank is ready for the mating goldfish.

When the mate is then together it will take few days for them to reproduce. The female is chased by the male goldfish. This ritual involves constant companionship of the male to the female and a lot of push action against the belly of the female. This would be the result when the couple is comfortable with the elements of the fish tank. The female would then lay hundreds of eggs, but the first batch of eggs would be so fertile that the male would be so eager to do its natural job on it.

After the female has done her part in laying eggs the male would then produce a whitish secretion that would fertilize the eggs. This is called the milt. It is noticed through its distinct whitish color and sticky fluid like substance. When you notice that all of the eggs are covered with milt, it is vital for the care taker to carefully separate the couple to another fish tank.

Some hobbyist when they separate the pair they don’t put them together with the other goldfish but instead they put the couple on a different fish tank or aquarium. For they are both already paired. There is a tendency that when you group this couple together with another couple they usually fight with another. But some hobbyists don’t believe in this kind of practice, each goldfish is paired with another pair so that they can introduced them to another mate.

Soon the eggs would hatch and it would require a great deal of concern for the hobbyist. These hatchlings would require constant care and food. That is why studying their behavior is a necessity to breed goldfish, and for the survival and growth of your fishes.

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