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Learn How to Feed Goldfish for Longevity


How to Feed Goldfish

How to Feed Goldfish

A healthy goldfish is a happy goldfish.

And to have a healthy one, owners must give their fish the right foods that are just made specifically for them. This nutrient–rich food can either be in flake-form or in pellets.  Leafy vegetables such as lettuce or live foods such as brine shrimp and mosquito larvae can also be offered as a snack for your fish.

The nutrients that your goldfish needs in order for them to be healthy are protein, carbohydrates, and a wide range of vitamins. You should also know that the specific food for one particular type of goldfish varies. What might be good for this type of goldfish might not be best for the other. That is why it is very important to ask the store owners or the fish seller on what type of goldfish you have so you will be advised on what would be best for them.

Goldfish needs to be fed at least once a day. Since in most cases, they can consume a food in less than 2 minutes, vary the amount of food that you will give on the size of the goldfish. Over feeding your goldfish will only lead it the death of your pet. It is very important to check the amount of food that you are putting in the tank and clean the remaining food that was not eaten by the fish. It is because if they are left unclean on the fish task, there is a big chance that it will only pollute the water in the tank and this will only end up in your fish developing diseases.

In serving live foods such as mosquito larvae, you have to make sure not to put too many because they can easily start to decompose. If left on the tank, it will easily pollute the water. The easiest way to know on when to stop giving your fish their food is when they start acting lazy on would not bother to look for their food. That is a sign that they are not interested and that they are full.

It is very important to check your tank after feeding to make sure that there are no left overs in the tank. The easiest way to maintain the cleanliness in your fish tank and to avoid the pollution of the water is to use a net to gather the food that was not consumed by the goldfish.

If you are raising your goldfish in a pond, there are some things that you have to consider before you decide on how much you should feed or how many time should you feed your goldfish in one day. The problem is that sometimes, goldfish that are raised in the pond have more food resources than those goldfish that are raised in a tank. Finding food inside a pond is easy because there is a lot of selection that they can get since ponds are abundant in algae, microscopic animals, and insects.

If you decide to feed your goldfish because you are still not sure of the nutrients they can get in the pond, just bear in mind that the food principle for goldfish is just the same for humans – eat frequently more often.   Having smaller portion of frequent meals can help reduce the risk of your goldfish from having constipation.

Hope you understand how to feed goldfish properly.


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