Discover The Shubunkin Goldfish


Shubunkin Goldfish

Shubunkin Goldfish

The famous Shubunkin goldfish is known to Japanese as the Red Brocade. It is currently one of the most sought after breed of goldfish around the world. Through its name, as a brocade fish it has stunning remarks of a fabric which was known to be an embossed cloth. Because of the color characteristics of a Shubunkin it was said by an avid collector that it has remarks of a fish wearing a woven kind of fabric with rich projection of an embossed cloth.

Breeding Shubunkin is not easy that’s why this kind of goldfish has a competitive price in the market today. When you breed this kind of goldfish you have to take of it like how you take care of yourself. The Goldfish knows how to give “luck” to their committed owners. Shubunkin is a proof of reflection to its owner, because when you know how to take care of these fishes, you tend to be a responsible person not just because of domesticating your Shubunkin but because you learn in your everyday experience on how to take care of it.

There are many aspects that affect the growth of Shubunkins. One of these important elements is the taking care of the aquatic vivarium. You have to provide good temperature, normal sunlight and a systematic way of cleaning the aquarium without giving stress to the precious Shubunkins.

Bristol Shubunkin Goldfish

Bristol Shubunkin Goldfish

It takes great patience and tenderness to tame a Shubunkin. There is no guarantee about their life expectancy. You will never know what would happen to your dear goldfish. And it takes devotion to supervise and take care of your goldfish. Shubunkin also love to be fed with live microorganism produced by freshwater aquarium plants. Aquatic plants provide good oxygenation to the water. You don’t need an aerator for your Shubunkin and the greatest advantage about it. Even though there is no power to supply your aerator especially on black outs just the right amount of plants for the exact volume of the aquarium, your precious Shubunkin will be undamaged and redeemed.



Shubunkin goldfish may not be easily tamed, but its shining piece of color is a rewarding experience to behold. That even though people may think that they are just fishes, there was someone who dressed them up with such magnificent adornment.

Yoshigoro Akiyama has been known to many Japanese as the first Japanese to be baptized and Christianized in the city ofSeattle. It was on September 1894 that Akiyama was able to finish his course and was ordained as a minister. Because of this kind heartedness this man was able to relieve his stress in the Ministry of his Lord through breeding different kinds of fresh water aquatic fishes.

Through selectively breeding those kind of fishes Akiyama was able to pioneer the most sought after types of collectible fishes. He is also known to cross breed different kinds of luxurious collective breed of common carp.  His famous productions of this selective breeding are the Shusui Carp fish and the famous Shubunkin Goldfish.


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